Data Collection

Behavior Tracker Pro
Company: **Marz Consulting**
Category: Behavioral
Description: Behavior Tracker Pro is an iPhone, iTouch and iPad application that allows Behavior analysts, therapists, aides, teachers or parents to track behaviors and graph them. With the app you can record video of behaviors or interventions to later review with parents, teachers or therapists. (must have iPhone with video camera). Upload your data to our secure Team Portal for advanced online charting, team collaboration, video messaging, document management and more!
Price: $29.99

Autism Track
Company: **Handhold Adoptive**
Category: Behavioral
Price: $49.99
Description: AutismTrack is a journaling tool that empowers caregivers of those with autism to easily track interventions, behaviors and symptoms. Checkboxes allow daily recording of any therapy, medicine or diet. Simple “sliders” allow rating of any behavior or symptom (e.g., eye contact, aggression and echolalic speech). Daily log screens provide a snapshot of any particular day’s interventions and behaviors. Users may also graph symptoms and monitor compliance over periods of time.

Skill Tracker Pro
Company: **Marz Consulting**
Price: $29.99
Category: Behavioral-ABA
Description: Skill Tracker Pro automates ABA therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) instruction for children with Autism. For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and from the makers of Behavior Tracker Pro! STP allows unlimited clients and observers, optional video capture and charting/export of all data. STP has a built in library with hundreds of skills and targets that can be assigned to the clients’ curriculum. During cold probe data collection, skills and targets are automatically randomized, or the user can choose which target to probe, one at a time.

ABC Data Pro
Company: **CBTA Online**
Category: Behavioral-ABA
Price: $27.99
Description: A multi-mode data collection App made to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies. ABC Data Pro is an unobtrusive data collection tool for behavior and/or event counting, partial interval recording, full interval recording and ABC (FBA) recording.

Administrative Edition for iPad: eCOVE Software
ESL Edition for iPad: eCOVE Software
General Education for iPad: eCOVE Software
IEP Checklist by Nurvee LLC
Special Education Edition for iPad: eCOVE Software

Formative Assessment

RESOURCE Formative Assessment Tools by Dare to Differentiate
Doodly Buddy by Pinger, Inc.
Flash-Cards by Pickled Monsters
Flashcards Delux by
Index Card for iPad by DenVog LLC
Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing, by GreenGar Studios


Adobe Ideas by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Bing by Microsoft Corporation
Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications
Evernote by Evernote
iChoose byTalee Talee
JumiMouse+ by JumiTech
SpeakEasy Voice Recorder by Zarboo Software
TapTyping - typing trainer by Flairify LLC
Voice Changer Plus by Arf Software Inc.