DIY Stylus using a sponge

Video tutorials on DIY stylus creation

DIY paint brush stylus

DIY Stylus using anti-static foil

DIY iPad Stand from $.97 bookends


1. Swipe a few Tinkertoys from the kids’ toy box and construct your own stand. Shhh… They’ll never know they’re missing!

$.69 Business Card Holder from Staples

2. Channel your inner child and build a stand out of Legos. Life was so easy back then!

external image LEGO_MkII_iPad_stand_270x2282.png

3. Dig your duct tape out of the garage, find some bubble wrap and adorn it with an Apple sticker. Viola! Your very own iPad case. TUAW

external image Picture-11-300x221.png

4. Drive on over to Home Depot, pick up a few simple supplies, twist a few screws and you’ve got a solid wood stand. After all, if 10-year-old Brett can do it, so can you!

external image IMG_7137_2_610x458.JPG-300x225.jpg

5. It’s a book! It’s a case! No, it’s my iPad Booksafe!


Here's some useful info from someone on the QIAT listserve:

Adapted Stylus Ideas- see attached screen shot for photos of first two ideas

*Industrial twist tie from hardware store ­ one brand is Rapiclip Soft Wire Tie - this is kind of like a hairless pipe cleaner. It can be wrapped around any standard stylus and then wrapped around the hand. If the stylus starts to slip when it is pressed against the device, put a rubber band around the stylus to hold it in place against the twist tie. (I bought this on, very affordable).

*Use Crayola Model Magic (about $4, from Hobby Lobby) - shape it so that it fits inside the palm and then embed elastic (from sewing dept., the kind that goes in the top of underwear - can use different sizes but I used 3Ž4² x
11Ž4 yds.) in the clay. I fashioned the stylus holder and then put the stylus in the clay until it was mostly dry (took about 2 hours) and then gently pulled it out.

*"iPad Steady Stylus Junior" - a T-shaped stylus that uses either a plastic cover wooden grip or a "Chewy Tube" grip, from etsy. I wasn't able to get this to stay in the hands of the individuals with whom I tried it.

*Make it yourself stylus - video:
<> !

Considerations/ideas that didn't work out:
*Splinting material ­ too expensive, not readily available *Tennis ball/racquetball­ may be too big for small hands, would need a strap to hold it on the hand (could use ace wrap if no other options) *Universal cuff ­ doesn¹t put stylus at correct angle ­ stylus needs to point down towards desk if the device is going to be positioned in a horizontal plane or outward (but still different from the way a cuff would direct the implement) if the device is going to be positioned on a vertical plane (like a computer with a touch screen or an iPad mounted).