iApps For Learners Who Struggle With Text

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  • Do equations and other math on the iPad
  • Create/view/edit MS Word or PowerPoint files on iPad
  • Looks and acts exactly like MS Office programs on computer
  • Equation Editor in MS Word works well for doing math on iPad
  • Works well with DropBox
  • for iPad only -- FREE
  • Click HERE for more information

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Type on PDF

  • Complete worksheets and tests on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Add text boxes and other annotation to imported PDF files
  • Import PDF’s from DropBox, email, etc.
  • Use iPhone camera with OCR app (eg. Text Grabber) to create readable PDF from hard copy

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  • Google Chrome extension
  • Use speech-to-text for Internet searches
  • Click icon, speak search term
  • Works with multiple search engines
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Nebulous Notes

  • Google Chrome extension
  • Remove clutter from websites (ads and distracting graphics)
  • Set margins, select style and adjust font size
  • Can be activated by keyboard shortcut set by user

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  • Google Chrome extension
  • Magnify and change the color of any text selected
  • Use mouse or keyboard to move selection
  • Click HERE for ChromeVis manual
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Dragon Dictation

  • Google Chrome Extension
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vBookz PDF Voice Reader

  • Information about installing and using Firefox
  • Information about add-ons that facilitate access for people who need additional supports
  • NOTE: Some Firefox add-ons work only on earlier versions of Firefox, which can be downloaded HERE
  • Click HERE for more information

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Idea Sketch

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Book Creator

  • Text-to-speech for websites open in Firefox
  • Three-button toolbar
  • Works especially well in Firefox on Windows[As of March 2011, works only Version 3.6.15 or earlier. Older versions of Firefox can be downloaded HERE.]
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Side bySide

  • Text-to-speech for websites open in Firefox
  • Works only in Firefox on Mac OSX