Procedure Management for iPads
As iPads are assigned to classrooms/programs, staff is required to attend a training (3 hours) on all the procedures listed below.

Account Management
You have been assigned an Apple ID and password from the Technology Specialist. This information is not to be altered in anyway.
***There is no need to open an account using a credit card, personal or IU.
  • The teacher/therapist will be able to download approved apps.
  • For free apps, staff must refer to the CLIU Acceptable Use of Electronic Systems Policy that all staff has been required to sign as a condition of employment. Staff may also consult the suggested free app list on the Wiki.
  • For purchased apps, staff must complete the following:

  1. The iPad Request and Evaluation must be submitted to the Supervisor and the requester will receive notification
  2. If approved, the app codes will be sent to the staff member(s)
  3. Upon receipt of the code, the staff will "Redeem" the app.

* Staff are instructed NOT to put any Email accounts on their iPads! Each iPad will be assigned a specific iCloud email by the technology staff to be used for school purposes only. This is explained in detail at the training. Email may contain confidential information and, as such, should not be shared/viewed by others. Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy for further information.**